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Blessed Martins International School is a Nigerian-based multi-cultural educational institution that is committed to academic excellence, nurturing each child to their full potential in a safe and serene environment, developing leaders for the dynamic global society in the 21st century. We provide the best in pre-nursery, nursery, primary and secondary education to children and youths across the nation.

Our desire is to groom, guide and nurture the complete child, molding him/her into a true leader and model of tomorrow. We train up children to be balanced in all spheres of life whether academically, socially, morally and spiritually.

Since its first set of students, the school has gained a reputation for academic excellence, inculcating the right values in its students and equipping them for life. Knowing that change is the only constant thing in life, Blessed Martins International School has constantly updated itself to stay abreast of education best practices constantly producing students who have performed astonishingly well in their various field of endeavors.

Blessed martins International is a privately owned academic institution providing secondary, primary, nursery, pre-nursery, day care education, and care-giving services.

Currently we have over 600 students enrolled and that number continues to grow every term.

You too can become a part of the history of Blessed Martins International School as we rewrite the educational state of Ebonyi State and Nigeria at large. Register your ward today and begin a journey of enlightenment for your ward(s) that will transform them into the informed adult you desire them to be. We have every resource at our disposal to make your dreams come true.

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